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Experian Marketing Services’ Mosaic® can help you understand the value of customer data to your business

We know people

We can help you identify profitable customers and likely prospects for targeted sales, marketing and product strategies to grow your business.

Where they live

We have a range of intelligent tools and techniques, including world renowned household classification system, Mosaic which help to locate optimal customers for your business.

What they want

We can help you understand the characteristics of the customers you serve - where they shop, what they do and the best ways to reach them.

About Us

In January, 2013 Experian© the global information services company, acquired Pacific Micromarketing, a subsidiary of PMP Limited, to deliver enhanced consumer analytics data and services to its customers.

Pacific Micromarketing is a leading consumer data and analytics business operating in Australia and New Zealand. It offers customers access to in-depth consumer data and insights through a range of software products and services, including Mosaic™.


What we do

For over 15 years, we have been surveying, recording, classifying, segmenting and analysing people. Your customers - and those you wished you had. Using Australasia's most sophisticated geodemographic classification system, we know where they live, what they want, how to reach them, how to acquire them - and we know how to keep them.


We can help you fully understand your customers. Through the use of world-class geo-demographic segmentation tools and sophisticated customer profiling, Experian Mosaic will bring your customers to life by providing powerful insights into their:

Consumer Insights
Demographic Profiling & Segmentation
Online Segmentation

Once you understand why your customers respond to your current offering, you are able to effectively target new customers through customising communication and the nature of your offer.